One Text Inc A2P/Bulk SMS service Can benefit Your Business

Build much deeper bonds with communities or donors by keeping them informed and updated, track participation, while increasing the donor base easily through One Text inc solutions

Information on the go

Make it easier for people to donate. With an SMS postcode lookup solution, they can locate their contribution center. Forward incoming SMS from clients to the job and send across the location of the donation center

Express gratitude

No further delayed or missed responses. Set up automatic thank-you SMS alongside repayment receipts whenever you get a donation. Integrate your application with Text inc SMS APIs in mins.

Build an informed community

Keep your donors frequently updated with reports and news of tasks through a simple SMS that includes web links.

Faster outreach

Do away with tiresome calls to donors. Use One Text inc bulk SMS to reach away to instantly millions of prospective donors and obtain quicker reactions.

Customized solutions

Just tell us the thing you need and permit One Text inc team to tailor SMS solutions for you personally! Our expert in-house group will link your CRM with our platform

Enterprise-grade management

Allow multiple offices in different locations create different accounts and send their own SMS campaigns while you centrally manage purchases and credit allocation. Textlocal also helps you create multi-user accounts, restrict privileges based on user roles and monitor users’ activity with detailed audit trails.