One Text Inc A2P/Bulk SMS service Can benefit Your Business

Track and handle DTH subscriptions

Retain every single DTH client by sending prompt SMS for payments, downtime notifications and renewal reminders. Easily integrate One Text inc SMS APIs along with your application that is CRM or in minutes.

Jazz up your promotions

new show coming up? Boost participation by delivering media-rich personalized SMS campaigns in more than 20 local languages with powerful One Text inc UI. Track engagement with click data, and finetune your message campaign and content times for maximum impact.

Share papers with advertising agencies

Develop a faster relationship with ad agencies and customers. Send them advertisement price cards, news kits and TRP ratings making use of our SMS accessories.

Keep your crew informed in realtime

Update your production crew members on-the-go regarding changes in venue, cast and schedule utilizing One Text inc app that is mobile.

Create a relationship

Ask your audience to opt-in to receive brand new event updates and promotions by sending SMS to your inbox .

Expand online readership

Get faster response to online newsprint and magazine membership expansion efforts by advertising your mobile apps via SMS API