One Text Inc A2P/Bulk SMS service Can benefit Your Business

Manage consignment tracking, invoices, and delivery schedules more efficiently and flexibly with One Text inc SMS services. Attach maps too to assist your motorists and avoid failed deliveries by opening two-way interaction with your clients.

On-demand updates

Allow your customers to receive updates on-demand. Forward inbound texts to your monitoring set-up and computer software

Faster distribution

save time. Connect a hyperlink to maps or send directions in detail via prompt SMS

Real-time feedback

Assess customer satisfaction easily in real-time by making use of one text's optimized platform that captures data to understand your client better.

Easy tracking

Wasting time on frequent inquiries? Offer real-time shipping updates to clients by integrating one Text inc SMS to your monitoring software APIs.

Distribution accuracy

Enable clients to get information on drop-off or pick-up points by delivering a SMS

Info on the go

Include another channel for sending invoices, billings, consignment status and much more. Use One Text inc SMS accessories and web URLs, and boost your client experience.