Goverment bodies

One Text Inc A2P/Bulk SMS service Can benefit Your Business

Be in touch with citizens and empower them by sending anything from repayment reminders for taxation to essential documents with an SMS using Text inc solutions.

Control and monitor all communication

Create completely secure customized templates with One Text inc enterprise-grade features. Monitor and keep an eye on use for internal performance and audits.

Drive awareness to the general public

With 98% read-rates, SMS can be extremely effective in marketing. Accelerate awareness to general public with appealing media-rich SMS in regional languages for a number of programs in healthcare, training, Swachh Bharat, voter registrations and much more!

Say goodbye to phone facilities

Save on large outlays on-call facilities by sending essential information a text.

Cut the queues

End queues in public offices by sending documents including enrollment kinds to enrollment documents via One Text inc SMS. Attach PDFs, term papers, spreadsheets and much more as required.

Keep citizens into the loop

A transport attack or a crisis evacuation? Get in touch with millions of citizens by SMS alerts, weather alerts, disruptions, or road closures. Never ever let a scenario escalate due to delayed communication with best in class SMS platform.

Create a responsive system

Allow your citizens alert the administration on everything from potholes to terror threats by texting into your SMS inbox.

Gather Feedback

Get promt feedback from your users on an array of public solutions