Enhance Your Academic Institution with One Text Inc A2P/Bulk SMS Service

Are you struggling to attract new admissions and keep existing students updated? Discover the power of One Text Inc's A2P/Bulk SMS service, the ultimate solution for academic institutions.

Maximize Enrollment During the Admission Season

Attract a higher number of students with our captivating short links that allow you to track click rates in real-time, ensuring effective campaign optimization.

Streamline Communication Effortlessly

Effortlessly provide information to parents and students by leveraging the simplicity of SMS. Our automated responses and relevant information ensure seamless communication.

Deliver Personalized Notifications

From exam scores to class projects, share personalized information with your students and teachers. Our platform supports communication in local languages, enhancing engagement and understanding.

Automate Your Notifications

Integrate our comprehensive SMS API gateway with your database for automated attendance alerts, birthday wishes, payment reminders, and college acceptance notifications. Benefit from One Text Inc's industry-leading SMS gateway technology, guaranteeing optimal delivery rates.

Go Paperless with SMS

Replace traditional methods with One Text Inc's bulk SMS service to send exam schedules, reading materials, and meeting invites directly to students' phones. Embrace a more efficient and eco-friendly approach.

Customized Solutions for Your Institution

If your institution requires tailored features beyond our standard offerings, our team can develop a customized solution to meet your unique requirements effectively.

Supercharge your academic institution's communication with One Text Inc's A2P/Bulk SMS service. Witness the transformative impact on admissions, student engagement, and operational efficiency. Contact us today for a personalized consultation.

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