One Text Inc A2P/Bulk SMS service Can benefit Your Business

One Text inc makes it possible to enhance your customer’s shopping experience. From login via OTP to transactional SMS to customers after purchases.

Increase conversions

Set up automated reminders of abandoned cart purchases, on-stock notifications, and payments by integrating SMS APIs. One Text inc’s powerful SMS abilities are incorporated into any application in moments with our API

Generate SMS promotions

Easily create and send promotional SMS that helps you to get more customers. One Text inc makes the marketer’s job easy with media-rich texts, advanced personalization.

Attract users to your app

With 98% read rates and 5x higher response rates than emails, learn how an SMS campaign provides greater outcomes for app downloads.

Generate traffic to your website

Promote new products via smart SMS campaigns

Create a relationship with your customer

Ask your customers to opt-in to get product sales or promotional offers on SMS.

Enterprise-grade management

One Text inc assists you to create accounts that are multi-user. Track reports of all SMS sent on your website via our smart platform.