Auto industry

Unlock the Potential of Your Business with One Text Inc's A2P/Bulk SMS Service

Enhance Your Brand Identity with SMS

Capture your audience's attention by sending SMS with your brand name. Whether you're launching a new car or promoting exciting offers, let visually appealing pictures do the talking. With One Text Inc, you can create and deliver powerful SMS campaigns that make a lasting impact.

Deliver Effective Promotions

Experience the ease of delivering powerful promotions with One Text Inc's advanced features. Utilize multiple merge areas, regional language tools, accessories, and schedule/stagger options to make the most out of your 160-character limit. Our platform makes it simpler than ever to create impactful campaigns.

Effortless Appointment Booking

Put your clients in control by allowing them to book slots for test drives or servicing directly through SMS. Forward incoming SMS requests to your application URL or integrate via APIs to seamlessly update your appointment calendar in real-time. Simplify the appointment process and enhance customer satisfaction.

Nurture Customer Relationships

Make your customers feel valued by inviting them to car shows and launch events through One Text Inc's mobile ticket delivery. Use SMS to share exciting car styles or offer helpful maintenance tips. Strengthen your customer relationships and keep them engaged with personalized SMS.

Streamline After-Sales Processes

Streamline your after-sales service tasks by sending automatic SMS reminders for service dates, warranty renewals, and insurance renewals. Integrate your CRM or application with our SMS APIs effortlessly and enhance the efficiency of your after-sales processes.

Track and Measure Campaign Performance

Gain unprecedented visibility into the performance of your SMS campaigns. Access detailed click-through reports for all shortlinks and attachments in your texts. Monitor real-time delivery updates on One Text Inc's user interface or fetch them through our APIs. Measure the efficacy of your campaigns and optimize your strategies accordingly.

Collect Instant Feedback

Seek instant feedback from your customers regarding their vehicle purchase or service experience through mobile-optimized surveys. One Text Inc simplifies the process of creating multi-page surveys and sharing them as clickable links in SMS campaigns. Gather valuable insights and improve customer satisfaction.

Expand Your Database

Generate SMS inquiries from potential customers by including your SMS contact information, such as keywords, short codes, long codes, and missed call numbers, in all your marketing communications. Watch your opt-in database grow as you stoke interest and engage with a wider audience.

Efficiently Manage Multiple Dealerships

If you handle multiple dealerships and franchises, empower them to conduct their own SMS campaigns while maintaining control over the message tone and content with One Text Inc's enterprise-grade features. Centrally manage orders and templates to ensure consistent branding and messaging across all dealerships.

Drive Sales and Increase Website Traffic

Encourage customers to renew maintenance agreements, pre-book vehicles, or extend warranties by offering limited-time discounts through SMS. Let One Text Inc handle the end-to-end couponing process seamlessly. Additionally, boost your website's traffic and recall by sending landing pages as One Text Inc shortlinks in your SMS campaigns, allowing you to track and identify interested prospects in real-time.

Elevate your business with One Text Inc's comprehensive A2P/Bulk SMS service today.