WhatsApp Messaging


WhatsApp is the most popular and powerful messaging app of the time. Now you can easily connect with your valuable customers through WhatsApp and create better business opportunities. Now customers can easily contact your business the way they contact their family and friends through WhatsApp. Being a highly robust, reliable and secure messaging platform, WhatsApp ensures better customer reach and escalates communication.

With the intervention of advanced technology, customers expect and want to experience real-time communications, faster response time and smarter solutions from companies. At text mobile, you can take your communication with the customers to the next level with WhatsApp messaging and fulfill their expectations on the go. The intelligent and relevant content shared through WhatsApp messaging ensures customer engagement, interactive communication, and better business opportunities.

How WhatsApp Messaging services are helping businesses

Higher character limit- With WhatsApp messaging, you can go beyond 160 characters. With its limit of 1024 characters, a WhatsApp message can convey a lot more information than an SMS, giving you more space and thoughts to deliver to your valuable customers.

International Reach- Watsapp is operated across 180 countries that enlarge your reach to the customers too. With WhatsApp messaging service, you don’t have to enter into the complexities of local regulations as your message can easily and affordably reach people living on the other side of the world.

Media-rich texts- WhatsApp allows you to send audio files, video files, images, documents, and locations that simply means you can share media-rich texts to your customers and engage them in far better ways. It gives you limitless benefits.