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Better Customer engagement and better Results with One Text’s WhatsApp Business API

Straight-forward and effortless connection with your customers via WhatsApp

With the WhatsApp business integration your customers can connect with you as easily they connect with their family and friends. This type of one-to-one communication strengthens the customer’s loyalty towards your business. With One Text’s WhatsApp Business solution, you can connect with billions of customers worldwide.

It is a proven fact that smart customers expect high-paced smart solutions to their problems. No one has got an entire day waiting for a reply. Thus, bonding with them through WhatsApp is the smartest option, and not to forget that the bulk SMS service is always there in case of internet connection problems. One text emerges out as the reliable, fast, secure, and tech-savvy service provider to integrate your WhatsApp business.

Mechanized Notifications

Who doesn’t use WhatsApp these days? We can say that WhatsApp has the highest read and open rate after SMS. Therefore, any notification that you want to send to your customers, be it- OTP, alerts, discount coupons, product or service update, email, etc, is bound to reach your customers in time with maximum readability. Now instantly integrate your WhatsApp business APIs with one text to set off WhatsApp messages from your mobile and CRM applications, software, and backend systems.

Enhanced character limit

With One text’s WhatsApp business integration services, you can use up to 1024 characters. Thus, you can send a comprehensive message at a lesser cost, which makes One text’s WhatsApp business integration an economical and time-effective choice. Now, sending lengthy and detailed updates is not a problem, and you can do all this through WhatsApp.

Global reach

Using one text’s WhatsApp business integration services you can go global and connect with your customers from as many as 180 countries. Because you will use WhatsApp for this purpose, you will only require a single number and account.

Share much more than simple pain texts

Using one text’s WhatsApp business integration services, it becomes very easier for a business to send media-rich texts, texts that have audio files, video files, location details, documents, and images. You can limitlessly use these messages like- sharing important documents (insurance policy statements, invoices, etc.), product demos, delivery location details, and many other files.

Uncomplicated tracking

It is much easier to keep a track of your customer’s queries when you use One Text’s WhatsApp business integration. You will receive real-time prompt feedback.

24*7 customer Support

One text’s WhatsApp Business integration provides 24/7 real-time customer support and communication. You can integrate our WhatsApp APIs to send and receive messages over various platforms. We provide the automated reply/response service to all our clients under the WhatsApp business integration service.

The automated reply/response service saves both- time and cost, hence it is more convenient for the customers as well as the business. One Text uses smart AI bots assist you to get things done faster and better.

To enjoy and demo and make your decision, WhatsApp “Onetext” to (Add mob. No:)

Provide delightful customer experience with One Text’s WhatsApp Business API Solutions

Time-efficient promotion

One Text provides a Visual Flow Builder which allows you to interact with your customers up to 10 times faster. You will also enjoy end-to-end automated customer journeys with 20+ pre-built nodes for better automation and effective communication.

Use of AI for better communication

Integrated NLP and AI capabilities enhance the business’s interaction with its customers. With One Text you would get as many as 15+ pre-built NLP functions like- time-date recognition, semantics, etc on the chatbots.

Integrated Messaging API

Integrate message API and send to 10+ channels out-of-the-box. Interact and engage with customers from over the world with our multiple-channel API.

Brilliant Fallback

Deliver time-sensitive integrated messages and updates by using our intelligent fallback to SMS and other platforms. Get efficient tracking with real-time delivery reports and receipts.

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