API Integration

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about this documentation:

Effortless and secure integration for any application.

Use One Text’s sample codes and in-depth documentation to begin SMS service effortlessly and instantly Our sample codes can be used for a vast variety of options such as sending OTP’s, sending the transactional bulk SMS, the promotional bulk SMS, etc. All you have to do is copy and paste the sample codes to integrate the SMS with your desired platform like a website etc.

Why do the developers love One Text’s SMS APIs to receive/send SMS?

Our infrastructure is sturdy, elastic, innovative and cloud-based

  • Bonafide push and pull SMS gateway
  • Zero-negligible down-time
  • Smart and safe intelligent routing technology helps in the selection of the best possible routes

Unmatchable SMS delivery services

  • Trustworthy application logic
  • Uninterrupted connectivity with leading telecommunication networks and carriers
  • We don’t use spammy SMS
  • More use of shortcodes


  • One time SMS API integration to automate texting from your app, website, and/or CRM
  • Long-term free access to API
  • Only pay for SMS credits

24/7 technical support

  • Expert technical support for easy integration
  • Special team support for customized services
  • 24/7 availability and communication

What do you get with One Text’s bulk SMS services?

  • Send/Receive SMS online
  • Send later/ Schedule your bulk SMS campaigns
  • Customized Contact management
  • Granular SMS reporting
  • Mobile surveys in the JSON or XML format
  • Detailed Account management
  • Detailed Reseller account management
  • Track delivery reports on the go- receive URL notification while sending
  • How to begin using One Text’s SMS API

    1. Create an account on One Text To sign up for your account- Click Here

    2. Your API key will be generated To get your API key- go to settings after logging in click on all documentation to get your API key

    3. Effortlessly Integrate your application Click here (insert documentation link) for SMS API integration. Up to 10 free credits can be used to send test SMS via API. To continue sending more, buy more. Get the prices here

    4.Convert your promotional account One Text provides a promotional account by default and to convert it to a transactional account, send an e-mail at (change as required).